Arabic Keyboard – Automatic Vowels

لَوْحة مَفاتِيح عَرَبِيّة بِالتِشْكِيل التِلْقائِيّ

  • 💡 Maintain Shift or click it with the mouse to enable short vowels (diacritics) and other symbols.
  • 💡 The Diacritization/tashkīl button will add the vowels to your text automatically
  • 💡 The Yamli button will converts Latin-script phonetic typing into Arabic script

What is the purpose of this online Arabic keyboard?

Do you need to type in Arabic but don’t have a keyboard? Or maybe you’re just curious about what an online Arabic keyboard looks like. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Even though Windows and iMac systems have built-in multilingual keyboards, it is complicated to be able to type in Arabic without seeing the letters on your physical keyboard.

Consequently, ArabiKey’s keyboard is intended for computer users possessing a QWERTY or any other physical keyboard without Arabic letters displayed. The keyboard aims to allow you to write in the Arabic language while viewing the letters you press.

Whether you want to write very long texts or simple Google searches, the adjustable writing box adapts to the length of your text. The keyboard is designed to make it easier for you to type in Arabic and puts all the numbers, diacritics, and other symbols at your disposal.

How to use the virtual Arabic keyboard?

The keyboard is intuitive and contains all the Arabic alphabet letters. In other words, all you have to do is type a letter on your physical keyboard so that the corresponding Arabic letter displayed on the virtual keyboard appears in the writing box.

Arabic keyboard

1. The diacritization/tashkīl button enables you to automatically apply complete diacritization to a text that you have typed yourself, or have pasted into the writing box from another source.

2. Each key has dual functionality, simply hold Shift in order to see all the harakat (short vowels) and other symbols you need in Arabic.

3. The Yamli button enables you to type in Latin characters and automatically converts them to their corresponding Arabic script.

4. Drag down the bottom left side corner to adjust the writing box to the length of your text.

Finally, if you are looking for words to write in Arabic, you can take a look at Almaany. This online dictionary will help you find any word or translation you can possibly imagine.

To report bugs or any kind of problems with the keyboard, please contact us.

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