Aban ♂️

meaning of Aban

Alternative writing: Abaan, Aaban

Gender: Male

Arabic writing: أبان

The Meaning Behind Aban

Aban is derived from an Arabic expression and translates to ‘the one who is clear and obvious’. The name reflects the qualities of clarity, transparency, and veracity, upheld by those who bear it. This name also carries a spiritual significance in Arabic cultures, symbolizing a person who is honest and straightforward.

Historical Origins

The name Aban has linguistic roots in Arabic and Persian cultures. It was popular among Islamic communities and is also recognized as a pre-Islamic Arabian name. Variations of the name differ amongst cultures but the central theme of clarity and honesty remains constant.


Aban remains a popular choice among Arabic and Persian families, bearing its unique sound and profound meaning. Over time, its usage has also spread to other Islamic communities and different corners of the globe with the diaspora.

Famous Personalities

Aban ibn Uthman ibn Affan (scholar)

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