Abbud ♂️

meaning of Abbud

Alternative writing: Abboud

Gender: Male

Arabic writing: عَبّود

The Meaning Behind Abbud

Abbud is derived from an Arabic word meaning “worship,” “pious,” “devotee,” or “religious.” This name often represents a person who is devout in their faith. The name encapsulates the virtues of devotion, piety and worship within the Arabic and Islamic tradition. Given the spiritual connotations it carries, the name Abbud is often associated with those who demonstrate religious sincerity and commitment.

Historical Origins

The name Abbud has deep roots in the Arabic language and Islamic culture. As a name, Abbud has been used for many centuries, dating back to the early Islamic period. Variants of the name are found in different cultures and languages that have been influenced by Arabic, including Persian and Turkish. In these cultures, alternate forms of Abbud may be found, though all with the same fundamental meaning of devout worship and piety.


Abbud is a relatively common name in Arab countries and among Muslim communities worldwide. It has maintained its popularity over time because of its timeless significance in religious contexts.

Famous Personalities

Ahmed Abboud Pasha (Egyptian industrialist, engineer and investor)

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