meaning of Abduladl

Alternative writing: Abd al-Adl ; Abdeladl

Gender: Male

Arabic writing: عبد العدل

The Meaning Behind Abduladl

Abduladl, in Arabic, means ‘Servant of the Just.’ The name is bestowed in the spirit of servitude towards justice, implying a heart that upholds fairness and righteousness. The name is derived directly from the Arabic language, holding significant cultural and religious weight amongst Muslim communities, as “Abd” means servant and “Adl” refers to justice or fairness.

Historical Origins

Abduladl’s deep origins in Arabic and Islamic culture can be traced back to the very advent of Islam, as the concept of servitude (‘Abd’) is fundamental in Islamic teachings. The name has been used throughout history, testifying its time-honoured standing. Variations of the name may be found across different Arabic subcultures and languages, exhibiting traces of cultural adaptations.


Abduladl, as a name, enjoys moderate popularity within Arabic-speaking communities. Its usage is more prevalent in the Middle East, where the name is deeply interwoven into the cultural and religious fabric of the society.

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