Abdulafu ♂️

Meaning of Abdulafu

Alternative writing: Abd al-Afu; Abdelafou

Gender: male

Arabic writing: عبد العفو

The Meaning Behind Abdulafu

Abdulafu is derived from Arabic roots to mean “Servant of the Pardoner”. In Arabic culture, “Abdul” translates as ‘servant of’ and “Afu” refers to ‘the Pardoner’. This name signifies selflessness and the act of serving with compassion. Its unique meaning reflects the religious context of asking forgiveness from Allah, the most Merciful and Pardoner.

Historical Origins

The name Abdulafu has religious origins in Islam, it’s also linked to Arabic language and culture that place a lot of emphasis on names with positive and virtuous meanings. While no historical figures named Abdulafu are immediately obvious, this name is part of a broader system of names that start with ‘Abdul’, followed by one of Allah’s 99 attributes.


Abdulafu’s usage has remained fairly consistent over time and with the spread of Islam across the globe, it’s not uncommon to find individuals bearing this name outside of the Middle East or other Arabic-speaking countries.

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