Abdulahad ♂️

meaning of Abdulahad

Alternative writing: Abd al-Ahad ; Abdelahad

Gender: male

Arabic writing: عبد الأحد

The Meaning Behind Abdulahad

Abdulahad is an Arabic boy name that carries a deep spiritual connotation. With its roots embedded in Islamic tradition, the name is a combination of “Abdul,” meaning “servant,” and “Ahad,” meaning “the Only.” As such, the full meaning translates to “Servant of the Only,” referring to God in monotheistic understanding. It represents a person’s dedication and devotion to serving God.

Historical Origins

The origin of Abdulahad lies in the Arabic language, tracing back to the Islamic tradition where names beginning with “Abdul” were commonly given. Over the time, the name has preserved its original form with minimal variations across different cultures and languages.


The use of the name Abdulahad has diminished in recent years, yet it remains popular within Arab communities and other Muslim communities worldwide.

Famous Personalities

Abdul Ahad Momand (Afghan-German cosmonaut)

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