Abdulali ♂️

meaning of Abdulali

Alternative writing: Abd al-Ali ; Abdel Ali

Gender: Male

Arabic writing: عبد العلي

The Meaning Behind Abdulali

In Arabic, Abdulali translates to “Servant of the Most High.” The name is made up of two elements: ’abd, meaning “servant,” and ’Ali, one of the epithets for Allah, meaning “the Most High.” Historically, “Abd-” names were chosen to reflect a person’s devotion and submission to Allah. This tradition reemphasizes the cultural and religious importance of names in the Arabic-speaking world.

Historical Origins

The name Abdulali, like other “Abd-” names, can be traced back to the early Islamic period. Its usage has been widespread across Arabic-speaking populations, contributing to its many variants, such as Abdal, Abdul, or even Obaid. This name also pays tribute to Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad who is greatly revered in Islam.


Abdulali is moderately popular among Arabic-speaking populations and those of Islamic faith. As an expression of religious dedication, it has maintained its relevance throughout centuries.

Famous Personalities

Abdul Ali Mazari (Afghan politician)

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