Abdulbarr ♂️

meaning of Abdulbarr

Alternative writing: Abd al-Barr, Abdul Barr, Abd Al-Bir, Abdel Barr

Gender: Male

Arabic writing: عبد البر

The Meaning Behind Abdulbarr

Abdulbarr literally translates to “Servant of the Source of All Goodness” in Arabic. This name encapsulates the profound Islamic belief that all goodness is derived from Allah, and that devout followers are His humble servants. Through its linguistic roots, Abdulbarr thus conveys a deep reverence for Allah and a commitment towards goodness. The joining of the two words “Abdu” meaning “servant” and “Al-Barr” meaning “the source of all goodness”, is a common linguistic practice in Arabic names, furthering its cultural significance.

Historical Origins

The name Abdulbarr is traditionally recognized in the Quranic context, marking this name with rich historical and religious significance. Over time, various spellings and pronunciations of the name have emerged across diverse cultures and languages, including Abd al-Bar in North Africa and Abdul Barr in South Asia.


Abdulbarr is predominantly used within islamic countries, reflecting its religious significance. Its usage has remained relatively stable, with a notable presence among Muslim communities worldwide.

Famous Personalities

Abd Al-Bir Al-Fayumi (Egyptian writer and scholar)

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