Adla ♀️

meaning of Adla

Alternative writing: None

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: عدلة

The Meaning Behind Adla

Adla is an Arabic feminine name translating directly to “justice.” It resonates with the concept of fairness and balance deeply embedded in Arabic tradition and Islamic teachings. As a name, Adla represents a person embodying virtues of justice, fairness, and righteousness. It is also used in the Arabic legal lexicon to indicate impartiality and equity.

Historical Origins

The roots of Adla trace back to the ancient Semitic languages, particularly Arabic. It’s heavily entangled with the Arab cultural and Islamic ethos highlighting justice and fairness. Though we don’t find many historic figures with the name Adla, it’s commonly used in works of literature and law.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Adla is a moderately popular name amongst Arabic-speaking communities worldwide. While the name’s popularity varies, it’s more commonly used in Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon. The name’s prevalence remains rooted in these regions due to its cultural significance and its representation of valuable virtues.

Famous Personalities

Adla Massoud (Director and screenwriter)

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