Amna ♀️

meaning of Amna

Alternative writing: Amina

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: آمِنَة

The Meaning Behind Amna

Coming from an Arabic origin, Amna refers to “The one who is at peace – in security”. In the cultural context, an individual named Amna is seen as a peaceful and secure person. They are often recognized for their tranquility and composure. They are generally believed to promote harmony in their surroundings. The Arabic root of the word ‘Amn’ means safety, making Amna a desirable name by parents who wish peace and safety upon their child.

Historical Origins

The name Amna has its roots in the Arabic language and culture. The earliest mentions of the name can be traced back to the pre-Islamic era, bolstering its historical and cultural significance. The mother of the Prophet Muhammad was named Amina, which is a common variation of Amna. Over time, this name has seen various transcriptions including Amina, Amnah and Emina in different cultures and languages.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Amna is quite popular across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Its usage is particularly high in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco. Over time, its popularity has also spread to Western countries due to immigration. Among different cultural groups and communities, the name Amna continues to hold traditional and religious significance.

Famous Personalities

Amna Mufti (screenwriter, columnist and author from Pakistan)

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