Annan ♀️

meaning of Annan

Alternative writing: Annane, Anan

Gender: female

Arabic writing: عنان

The Meaning Behind Annan

Annan, pronounced as ‘Aa-nan’, in Arabic translates to “the clouds”. The name captures the beauty and loftiness of the sky. It appeals to the sense of grace, freedom and aspiration. It may be associated with the Arabic phrase ‘Annan As-Sama’, meaning ‘Clouds of the Sky’. The beauty of this name lies in its simplicity and its reflection of nature.

Historical Origins

Annan’s roots trace back to classical Arabic times, used to symbolize the high and unreachable. It has evolved over the centuries, maintaining its authentic nature-based connotations. The name Annan might be less common now compared to other Arabic names, but its usage still spans across many Arabic-speaking communities and cultures.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Annan is relatively rare but holds a significant presence in the Middle East, specifically in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Recently, it has seen a surge in popularity as people seek unique and meaningful names for their children. It can be said that the name Annan is typically associated with Arabic speaking communities.

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