Arifa ♀️

meaning of Arifa

Alternative writing: None

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: عارفة

The Meaning Behind Arifa

In Arabic, Arifa is a feminine name that means “who knows” or “corporal”. This name emphasizes wisdom, knowledge and understanding, three valued traits in Islamic and Arabic cultures. Arifa is derived from the Arabic root word ‘Arafa that means ‘to know’, indicating a person who is knowledgeable or wise. It’s also interesting to note that in the Islamic context, Arifa could be understood as an individual who has a deep understanding of the Divine and religious principles.

Historical Origins

The name Arifa has strong roots in the Arabic and Islamic cultures, stemming from time of the Prophet Muhammad. It’s known to have been used in various forms across Arabic history and has evolved to take on new contexts over time. Although there are no known historical figures with this name, it’s particularly prevalent in religious circles due to its meaning and connection to knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Arifa is widely used in the Arab world, especially in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco. While not as commonly found in Western societies, the name has seen an upsurge in usage in Muslim communities living in Europe and America. Arifa is commonly associated with Arabic-speaking and Muslim communities.

Famous Personalities

Arifa Khalid Pervaiz (Pakistani politician)

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