Aws ♀️

meaning of Aws

Alternative writing: Aous

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: أَوْس

The Meaning Behind Aws

The name Aws, written as أَوْس in Arabic, resonates with high cultural and historical significance in the Arab world. Specifically, it refers to “donation” or “the wolf”, indicative of generosity or the characteristics commonly associated with a wolf – strength and leadership. Regarded as a unique Arabic name, it encapsulates the Arab values of philanthropy and leadership.

Historical Origins

The name Aws is steeped in history and has roots in classical Arabic. It was of high status in pre-Islamic Arabia, especially associated with one of two major Arab tribes of Medina – the Banu Aws. Over time, the name has morphed into several forms across different Arabic-speaking cultures. However, the core meaning remains largely consistent across these language variations.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Aws is a name with traditional roots and is more commonly used amongst older generations. It’s most commonly found in the Middle Eastern regions particularly in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Although its usage has slightly declined over time, it still holds prestige due to its historical and cultural significance within the Arabic community.

Famous Personalities

Aous Shakra (Existential philosopher and politician)

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