Balqis ♀️

meaning of Balqis

Alternative writing: Balkis, Belqis, Belkis

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: بلقيس

The Meaning Behind Balqis

Balqis is a traditional and revered name of Arabic origin which translates to “Queen of the Kingdom of Saba”. The name is steeped in rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It resonates strong royal connotation as it was the reputed name of the Queen of Sheba, a legendary figure famed for her wisdom and wit. In the Islamic tradition, there are stories about the Queen Balqis and her interaction with the Prophet Solomon. Moreover, Balqis personifies a strong female figure.

Historical Origins

The name Balqis has roots in Arabic and African cultures due to its connection to the Queen of Sheba. Sheba was a kingdom located in modern-day Yemen and Ethiopia, making the name culturally significant in both regions. The actual etymology of the name remains uncertain, and was mentioned in the Quran without prior Arab historical records. Over the centuries, this name has evolved and is spelled in various ways, often accommodating linguistic nuances of different regions and cultures.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Balqis is a relatively common female name in Arabic-speaking regions, primarily in the Middle East and North Africa. While it is not among the top most popular names, its historic and cultural significance makes it a preferred name by many. In regions such as Malaysia and Indonesia, Balqis is also seen in usage owing to influence of Islam and Arabic culture.

Famous Personalities

Balqis (Queen of Sheba)

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