Belkacem ♂️

meaning of Belkacem

Alternative writing: Belqacem, Belgacem

Gender: male

Arabic writing: بلقاسم

The Meaning Behind Belkacem

The name Belkacem is a shortened form of Abu Al Qasem, which translates to “Qasim’s father”. The name is deeply rooted in Islamic culture, as it makes a reference to Prophet Muhammad, who had a son named Qasim. The name Belkacem itself is a combination of two Arabic words, “bel” meaning “owner” and “qasem” referring to “divider”. So, it metaphorically suggests someone who owns division, in reference to being just and fair.

Historical Origins

The name Belkacem has its roots in Arabic, with its initial form being from the Arabic phrase Abu Al Qasem. There have been many notable bearers of the name Belkacem throughout history, including religious leaders and scholars. Belkacem has been transformed over time according to the phonetics of different cultures, leading to variants such as Belqacem and Belgacem.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Belkacem is predominantly used in North African countries like Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, it is also popular in Arab communities across Europe. The name’s usage has remained relatively steady over time, testament to its enduring cultural significance within these communities.

Famous Personalities

Belkacem Lounes (Former President of the World Amazigh Congress)

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