Butrus ♂️

meaning of Butrus

Alternative writing: Butrus

Gender: male

Arabic writing: بطرس

The Meaning Behind Butrus

Butrus is an Arabic name that means “Rock”. This name carries a connotation of strength, durability, and steadfastness. It is derived from the Arabic translation of the name Peter, which also signifies ‘rock’ in Greek. In the Arabic culture, a person named Butrus is often revered for their steadfastness in character and unwavering resolve.

Historical Origins

The name Butrus is traced back to the biblical era, being the Arabic equivalent of the biblical name, Peter. The most notable figure with this name is Saint Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, known for his strong faith and character. Over time, the name has been adopted and adapted in various cultures and languages, such as Boutros in Lebanon or Boutros Ghali, a prominent Egyptian diplomat.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Butrus is a popular name in many Arabic speaking countries, with a particularly high prevalence in Egypt. Its usage has been fairly steady over time, reflecting a cultural appreciation for traditional names. The name Butrus is often associated with the Christian community within the Arab world, due to its biblical origin.

Famous Personalities

One prominent figure bearing the name Butrus is Butrus Butrus Ghali, a former Egyptian politician who served as the sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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