Farid ♂️

meaning of Farid

Alternative writing: Fareed

Gender: male

Arabic writing: فريد

The Meaning Behind Farid

The meaning of the Arabic name Farid is “unique” or “phenomenal”, and is derived from the root word “farad”, which means “to distinguish or separate”. This suggests an individual who stands out from the crowd and is exceptional in their character or abilities. In Arabic culture, naming a child Farid may indicate the parents’ joy and pride in the uniqueness and exceptional potential of their child.

Historical Origins

The name Farid originates from the Arabic language and culture, with its earliest uses dating back to the early Islamic period. There were several prominent scholars and Sufi saints named Farid in the 12th and 13th centuries, such as Baba Farid, a highly esteemed Punjabi Sufi saint and poet. Over time, the name has spread to other Muslim cultures and countries, and may be found in different forms across the Muslim world.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Farid is fairly common and widely used across the Arab world, and also in many other Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Iran. It has been steadily popular over the years, maintaining its charm and appeal. Although it is more commonly used among Arab Muslims, its inclusivity and easy pronunciation have made it a popular choice among a diverse range of cultures.

Famous Personalities

Farid Alakbarli (Azerbaijani scholar, PhD and professor in history, specialist in the field of history of science, culturology, and medieval medical manuscripts)

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