Farida ♀️

meaning of Farida

Alternative writing: Fareeda

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: فريدة

The Meaning Behind Farida

The name Farida is derived from Arabic origin meaning “unique” or “phenomenal”. In Arabic, Farida is the feminine form of the word “farid” which means “incomparable”. Over the years, the name has become associated with strong, independent and remarkable women in Arab cultures. The name reflects the attributes of singular beauty and individuality, often used to express admiration to the bearer.

Historical Origins

The name Farida traces back to the Arabic language, with its utterance in ancient Arab literature. A notable historical figure bearing this name was Farida of Egypt, the Queen consort of King Farouk. Many variations of this name exist across different cultures, with the masculine form being Farid. The evolution of this name has been steady over time, retaining its original form and essence.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Farida is popular across the Arabic-speaking world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region. It has seen a rather consistent trend of usage over time. The name is especially associated with Muslim communities due to its origin in the Arabic language.

Famous Personalities

Farida of Egypt (Queen of Egypt for nearly eleven years as the first wife of King Farouk)

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