Fayruz ♀️

meaning of Fayruz

Alternative writing: Fayrouz, Fairouz

Gender: female

Arabic writing: فيروز

The Meaning Behind Fayruz,

Fayruz or Fairouz is an Arabic feminine name that translates to “Turquoise” in English. This name derives its significance from the semi-precious stone turquoise which is known for its beautiful blue-green color. It also symbolizes wealth, success, and good fortune in a lot of cultures. In the Arab world, the name is often given as a symbol of protection and power.

Historical Origins

Fayruz is a name of Persian origin, as “Firouzeh” is the Persian term for turquoise. Over time, it became widespread across the Arab world. The name Fayruz embodies the culture’s deep respect and love for nature, beauty, and progress. It signifies a connection with the earth and sky, due to the color of the stone.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Despite its beautiful meaning and origin, the name Fayruz is not as common as it once was. Traditionally, it has been more prevalent within the Middle Eastern communities, especially in Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt. Nowadays, it’s seen as a more traditional and old-fashioned name. However, it’s still cherished for its cultural significance and beauty.

Famous Personalities

Fairuz (Singer and Actress)

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