Idriss ♂️

meaning of Idriss

Alternative writing: Idris

Gender: male

Arabic writing: إدريس

The Meaning Behind Idriss

Idriss is a masculine Arabic name which originated from the word “Hénoch”. Its meaning in Arabic refers to “the learned one” or “the one who engages much in study”. The name is deeply rooted in Islamic tradition as it was the name of a prophet who was known for his devotion to knowledge and learning. The name Idriss emphasizes the significance of education and wisdom in Arabic culture.

Historical Origins

The name Idriss has its roots in Arabic and Islamic history. It is believed to be derived from the name of the Islamic prophet Idriss, who is known as Enoch in the Bible. The Prophet Idriss was often referred to as “the Learned one”. In addition to the historical significance, many variations of Idriss exist in different cultures and languages, such as Idris in English and Enoch in Hebrew.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Idriss is a popular name in many Arabic speaking countries including Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, and also in non-Arabic speaking countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia due to Islamic influence. Its usage has remained consistently high over the years. The name Idriss is associated mainly with the Muslim community across the world.

Famous Personalities

Idris (Prophet)

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