Ikram ♂️/♀️

meaning of Ikram

Alternative writing: Ekram, Iqram

Gender: male/female

Arabic writing: إكرام

The Meaning Behind Ikram

Derived from the Arabic root word “k-r-m”, Ikram translates to ‘generosity’ or ‘honor’. It carriesnotes of respect and nobility as a noble characteristic that people are encouraged to adopt in Arabic and Islamic cultures. Sometimes, the name is also associated with ‘kind-heartedness’ because when one is generous, it signifies a big heart and the habit of giving without expecting anything in return.

Historical Origins

The name Ikram has deep roots within the Arabic language and Islamic history. Its origin lies in the ancient Arabic culture, symbolizing generosity, a key virtue in Bedouin culture and core tenet of Islam. Over the years, the name has been adopted in various forms and spellings by different cultures and languages, like Iqram, Eikram, Akram, etc., across the Arab and Muslim world.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Ikram is a popular female name amongst both Arab and non-Arab Muslims around the world. Its usage has increased over time due to its beautiful meaning and significance in Islamic teachings. It’s quite often used in Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, as well as North African countries like Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Ikram is also widely used in non-Arab Muslim countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

Famous Personalities

Ikram Antaki (Syrian-Mexican writer)

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