Imran ♂️

meaning of Imran

Alternative writing: Emran

Gender: male

Arabic writing: عمران

The Meaning Behind Imran

Imran is a popular given male name in Arabic with a profound meaning. It signifies “long life and prosperity” and represents a “populated and flourishing country”. This invokes imagery of a prosperous, bountiful land, thriving and teeming with life. The name resonates with a desire for stability, longevity and consistent growth, qualities much sought after in Arab culture. As with many Arabic names, the very meaning of Imran carries deep cultural and historical connotations.

Historical Origins

Imran traces back to ancient Arabic and Semitic roots. It has been prominently brought forward in the Islamic tradition as Imran was the father of Mary (Maryam), and the grandfather of Prophet Jesus (Isa). As such, the name is highly respected and holds religious significance. Over time, the name has been adopted and adapted into various languages and cultures spanning from the Middle East to Southeast Asia.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Imran enjoys wide popularity across Arabic-speaking and Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others. The name gained a significant boost in usage with the rise of Islam and continues to be favored by Muslim communities across the globe.

Famous Personalities

Imran Khan (Prime Minister of Pakistan and former international cricketer)

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