Jawhara ♀️

meaning of Jawhara

Alternative writing: Jouhara, Djawhara, Djouhara

Gender: female

Arabic writing: جوهرة

The Meaning Behind Jawhara

Jawhara is an Arabic female name that literally translates to “jewel”. The name is often given to girls in appreciation of their value and interior beauty, likened to a precious gem. In the Arabic culture, jewelry has a significant meaning and value which is why the name Jawhara carries charm, elegance, and prestige.

Historical Origins

The name Jawhara has its roots deeply embedded in the Arabic language, derived from the word jawhar which means “essence” or “precious stone”. The name has been used in Arab states in the Middle East for centuries. While not associated with any historical figures or prominent bearers, the name Jawhara has been renowned for its regal beauty. It has evolved over time and has been adopted by various cultures, each putting their unique twist on the name, such as Jouhara, Djawhara, and Djouhara.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Jawhara sees most of its popularity in Arabic-speaking countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Jordan, but also extends to countries with Islamic influence. It has seen an increase in popularity recently, associated with its meaning of being precious and valuable. The name Jawhara is often given in communities that value tradition, strength, and elegance.

Famous Personalities

Jawhara Tiss (Tunisian politician)

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