Kamila ♀️

meaning of Kamila

Alternative writing: Kamila, Camila

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: كاملة

The Meaning Behind Kamila

The name Kamila, in Arabic, means “perfect”. Its root word “kamil” is oftentimes used in Arabic literature to describe something that is complete or perfect. Thus, Kamila can also imply a girl that is flawless and without any imperfections. Linguistic nuances include “kamil”, meaning perfect in Arabic, and the female extension “a” added to make “Kamila”.

Historical Origins

Kamila originates from the Arabic language and has been used throughout many centuries in the Arab world. The name can be found in historical records from various Arab empires, disseminating the name through trade across Africa, Spain, and beyond. Variations of Kamila are found in several languages, including Camila in Spanish and Portuguese, and Camille in French.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Kamila is a popular name in various regions across the world. It is especially common in the Arab world, but it has also gained popularity in non-Arab speaking countries such as Poland, Brazil, and the US, due to its beautiful meaning and the influence of Arab culture. The name Kamila has been on an upward trend, gaining increasing popularity within the last few decades.

Famous Personalities

Kamila Shamsie (Pakistani and British writer and novelist)

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