Lot ♂️

meaning of Lot

Alternative writing: Loth, Lout, Lut

Gender: male

Arabic writing: لوط

The Meaning Behind Lot

Named after the biblical figure Lot, the name “Lot” in Arabic commonly signifies a “veiled” or “hidden.” It is often used to convey the idea of secrecy and mystery in the Arab world. Historically, it is also associated with Lot from the Old Testament, who is celebrated for his righteousness amid a corrupt society.

Historical Origins

The Arab name Lot originates from the ancient Semitic languages, primarily Hebrew. The name is significant within the Abrahamic religions, especially in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, where Lot is a revered figure. The name has maintained its elementary form across various cultures and languages, with small changes like Lut in Persian and Finnish, Loth or Lout in various western languages.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

While the name Lot has declined in popularity in recent years due to its association with the biblical story, it still persists in many Muslim-majority countries, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. It is also found in countries with considerable Muslim populations like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Famous Personalities

Lot (Prophet)

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