Mahtab ♀️

meaning of Mahtab

Alternative writing: Mahitab

Gender: female

Arabic writing: ماهيتاب

The Meaning Behind Mahtab

Mahtab is a beautiful female name of Persian origin. In Farsi (Persian), it translates to “Moonlight”, encompassing the beauty and calmness of a moonlit night. The name has a mystique attached to it, indicating serenity and tranquility, often associated with the qualities of the moon. It was popularly used during the Moghul era, often bestowed upon royal princesses, reflecting their elegance and grace.

Historical Origins

Tracing back to its Persian roots, the name Mahtab historically could be found amongst the royal and noble classes. It is also prevalent in the contemporary Iranian society as well as in regions with significant Persian influence. Notable bearers include Mahtab Keramati, an Iranian actress. Variations of Mahtab can be observed in different cultures, such as Mahitab in Arab regions, further enriched by similar lunar meanings in these cultures.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Mahtab is a unique and uncommon name yet widely recognized for its beauty and meaningful essence. It is popularly used in Iran, Persian Gulf nations, and among Persian diaspora communities worldwide. Over time, its usage has expanded to Arab nations where it is often written as Mahitab.

Famous Personalities

Mahtab Keramati (Iranian actress)

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