Mufida ♀️

meaning of Mufida

Alternative writing: Moufida

Gender: female

Arabic writing: مفيدة

The Meaning Behind Mufida

The Arabic name Mufida means “beneficial” or “useful”. Rooted deeply in Arabic culture, Mufida is often given to girls with the hope they will grow to bring benefits and usefulness to their communities. It reveals the Arab appreciation of service and utility, and hints at the importance of generosity and helpfulness in Arabic cultures. The name is cognate to many Arabic words such as ‘Fayda’ which means ‘benefit’.

Historical Origins

Mufida is an Arabic originated name, tracing its roots to the word “Mufeed” in Arabic, meaning “beneficial”. Through linguistic evolutions and local dialects, the male variant “Mufeed” has been feminized to “Mufida”. Traditions of naming girls Mufida could be found in numerous Arabic speaking cultures, especially those valuing contributions to community welfare and prosperity.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Mufida is a moderately popular name in the Arabic-speaking world. Its usage has remained reasonably constant throughout the years. It is most commonly used in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan. The name is associated with the Arabic-speaking community and is also sporadically used by Muslim families worldwide.

Famous Personalities

Moufida Tlatli (Film Director and Politician)

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