Nawal ♀️

meaning of Nawal

Alternative writing: Naoual, Naouel, Nawel

Gender: female

Arabic writing: نوال

The Meaning Behind Nawal

Nawal in Arabic refers to “gift” or “grace” and carries a metaphorical connotation of generosity and benevolence. Derived from the triliteral Semitic root N-W-L, traditionally used in Arabic poetry and literature, the name is often gifted to the females as a symbol of being cherished and treasured. It emphasises on the definite cultural value of bestowing gifts and showing kindness.

Historical Origins

Nawal has its roots deep in the Arabic language and culture. The Arabic use of the term is associated with the act of giving, imparting and bestowal of gifts, making it a beautifully expressively and emotionally rich name. The name is also attributed to Nawal El Saadawi, a prominent Egyptian feminist writer, contributing to the popularity of the name Nawal. There are variations of the name in different cultures and languages such as “Noelle” in French which implies a similar meaning – “gift from God”.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Although traditionally an Arabic name, Nawal is popular among a variety of cultures due to its beautiful meaning and softer phonetics. It is widely used in middle Eastern countries, North African region and among Muslim populations around the world. The variations of Nawal, “Naouel” and “Naoual” are popular amongst French-speaking communities in countries like France and Belgium.

Famous Personalities

Nawal El Moutawakel (Moroccan former hurdler)

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