Qadira ♀️

meaning of Qadira

Alternative writing: Qadera, Kadera, Kadira

Gender: female

Arabic writing: قادرة

The Meaning Behind Qadira

In Arabic, Qadira translates directly to “powerful” or “capable”. This name carries a certain level of strength and authority intrinsically linked to its meaning. Culturally, the Arabic language often uses this word to denote someone who wields influence or has the capacity to make a significant impact. The name suggests a person of not just physical strength, but also one of mental and emotional resilience.

Historical Origins

Qadira has roots in the ancient Arabic language, stemming from the word “qadir”, which means “capable” or “competent”. The cultural significance of this name goes back to the early Islamic period. Although there are no notable historical figures named Qadira, the name is deeply embedded in Arabic culture and language.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

The name Qadira is particularly popular amongst Arabic speaking countries, being most prevalent in the Middle East and North Africa. Its usage has remained consistent throughout history, with a slight increase in popularity in recent years. Although it is predominantly an Arabic name, Qadira has been adopted by various communities around the world due to its beautiful meaning and phonetic appeal.

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