Sakhr ♂️

meaning of Sakhr

Alternative writing: Sakher

Gender: male

Arabic writing: صخر

The Meaning Behind Sakhr

Sakhr, derived from Arabic roots, is a strong and impactful name that carries the meaning of “rock” or “solid.” This name was often given to boys as a symbol of strength and steadfastness, reflecting the enduring and unchanging nature of a rock. It resonates with the idiom ‘solid as a rock’ used in many cultures, signifying someone reliable and dependable.

Historical Origins

The name Sakhr has its origins in the Arabic language, widely used in the Middle East and North Africa region. There haven’t been notable historical figures bearing this name. However, over time this name has transcended the regional barriers and is used in non-Arabic speaking countries as well. Variations of the name include Sahir, Sakhir, and Sakhran.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Sakhr is a prominent name within Arab communities throughout the world but is most prevalent in the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. Over time, the popularity of this name has sustained in these regions, reflecting a traditional preference for strong, meaningful names.

Famous Personalities

Sakher El Materi (Tunisian businessman)

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