Salma ♀️

meaning of Salma

Alternative writing: Selma

Gender: Female

Arabic writing: سلمى

The Meaning Behind Salma

Salma is derived from the Arabic word “سلامة” (Salama) which translates to “peace” and “security”. This name carries connotations of tranquility, safety, and wholeness, often bestowed in hopes that the bearer will lead a peaceful and secure life. It’s a common name amongst Arabic speaking communities and carries with it the cultural ideal of leading a life filled with harmony and safety.

Historical Origins

Salma has roots in Arabic language and is widely used in many Arabic-speaking countries. Over time, the name has been absorbed into other languages and cultures due to its universally appealing meaning and pronunciation. Variations of the name are found in Persian, Turkish and Urdu languages reflecting the extensive historical relations and shared cultures.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Salma enjoys widespread popularity not just in the Middle East, but across the globe. It is particularly popular in North Africa, specifically in countries like Egypt and Tunisia. There is also a notable presence of the name in South Asian Muslim communities. Past decade saw a resurge in its popularity, as traditional Arabic names made a comeback.

Famous Personalities

Salma bint Amr (wife of Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, thus the great-grandmother of Prophet Muhammad (saws))

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