Shahla ♀️

meaning of Shahla

Alternative writing: Chahla

Gender: female

Arabic writing: شهلاء

The Meaning Behind Shahla

Shahla is an Arabic feminine name that literally translates to “one with dark blue eyes.” It is derived from the word “شهلا” which means calmness and serenity, often associated with the depth and mystery of dark blue eyes. In Arabic culture and literature, individuals with such eyes are often depicted as possessing an irresistible charm and depth of character.

Historical Origins

The name Shahla comes from the rich tapestry of the Arabic language and has been used across generations. It has been frequently found in Arabic poetry and literature. Notably, famous women in history such as Shahla, the wife of King Al-Wathiq of the Abbasid Caliphate, bore the name. Its deep roots in the Arabic culture have made Shahla a time-honored name, though certain variations of the name can be found in different regions of the Arabic-speaking world.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Shahla is a popular name in the Middle Eastern region, particularly in countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt. Despite its historical nature, the name’s usage has remained steady over time, reflecting its traditional roots. Predominantly, the name Shahla is still popularly associated with the Arabic culture and communities.

Famous Personalities

Shahla Aghapour (Iranian artist, author and gallery director)

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