Taslima ♀️

meaning of Taslima

Alternative writing: Tasleema

Gender: female

Arabic writing: تسليمة

The Meaning Behind Taslima

The name Taslima, in Arabic, means “giving a peace greeting” or “to appease”. It originates from the Arabic word “taslima” which translates to “completeness, wholeness, or peace”. In cultural context, it’s traditionally given as a wish for peace and tranquility in the recipient’s life, commemorating the universal Islamic greeting, Salaam, which approximates to ‘peace be upon you’.

Historical Origins

The name Taslima originates from Arabic roots and has been used in the Middle East and Muslim majority countries for centuries. While it may not have any well-known historical figures associated with it, its association with peace and tranquility has kept it relevant through generations, despite the variations it has faced over time and in different cultures and languages.

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