Zakaria ♂️

meaning of Zakaria

Alternative writing: Zakarya

Gender: Male

Arabic writing: زكريّا

The Meaning Behind Zakaria

Zakaria is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name Zechariah and it holds significant religious importance in all the Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It translates to “Yahweh (God) has remembered,” often depicting that God remembers his people and promises. The name Zakaria has predominance in the Quran where Zakaria is depicted as a prophet and the guardian of Virgin Mary.

Historical Origins

This name originates from the Hebrew language and it’s recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible and Quran with the story of Prophet Zakaria. The usage of this name dates back to ancient times but is still prevalent in many modern cultures, particularly across the Middle East and North Africa. Variants of this name can be found in numerous languages such as Zechariah or Zachary in English, Zacharias in Greek, and Zakariyya in Turkish among others.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Zakaria is a very popular male name in the Arab world. It has witnessed constant popularity throughout history and is widely used by many Muslims around the globe due to its religious significance. The name is particularly popular in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and others. It’s also found in non-Arab Muslim populations like in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Famous Personalities

Zakaria Abdulla (Kurdish Musician)
Zakaria Bakkali (Professional Footballer)
Zakaria Labyad (Professional Footballer)

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