Zuleikha ♀️

meaning of Zuleikha

Alternative writing: Zulaykha, Zoulikha, Zoulaïkha

Gender: female

Arabic writing: زُلَيخة

The Meaning Behind Zuleikha

Zuleikha is a beautiful name rooted in Arabic language and culture, directly translating to “beautiful”. The name also carries a historical reference, as Zuleikha was the wife of the ‘Aziz in Egypt during the time of Prophet Joseph (Yusuf). She is known to be entranced by Joseph’s beauty and intellect. The name Zuleikha symbolizes beauty and power, being associated with one of the most powerful families in ancient Egypt. It holds a great place in the lives of those who have historical or cultural links to the Arab world.

Historical Origins

The name Zuleikha is traced back to centuries old Arab culture and it has been used broadly in the Islamic world. It carries religious connotations as it is associated with the story of Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) and Zuleikha, as outlined in the Quran and the Bible. The name has managed to maintain its usage and significance over time, with variations found in different languages and cultures. For instance, it’s Zulaikha in Pashto, Zulaykha in Kurdish, and Zulaicha in Indonesian.

Popularity and Geographic Distribution

Zuleikha remains principally used in Arab and Muslim-majority countries. It is prevalent in the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa where Islamic heritage is deep-rooted. Over time, with migration and the spread of the Arab culture, the name has found a place in non-Arab countries, attracting people who are specifically intrigued by its meaning and historical significance.

Famous Personalities

Zulekha Daud (Indian physician and entrepreneur)

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